Price: $799.00


    1979 Trans Am 10th Anniversary Decal Kit


    Limited Edition 5 Shades of Silver w/ Red Highlights

    The Ultimate 50 Piece Kit Includes:

    • 1 Hood bird ("superbird")
    • 2 Wingtips (fender extensions)
    • 1 Trans Am spoiler name
    • 2 Trans Am fender names
    • 1 Trans Am front bumper name
    • 2 Limited edition fender logos
    • 1 Limited edition spoiler logo
    • 2 6.6 Litre shaker decals
      (T/A 6.6 sold separately)
    • 2 "4 Wheel Disc" brakes door handle decals
    • 1 Front bumper center stripe
    • 2 Front bumper outer stripes
    • 1 Front center spoiler stripe
    • 2 Front wheel opening spoiler stripes
    • 2 Front wheel opening stripes
    • 2 Fender extractor stripes
    • 2 Door front stripes
    • 2 Mirror stripes
    • 2 Door rear stripes
    • 2 Rear wheel opening spoiler stripes
    • 2 Rear wheel opening stripes
    • 2 Spoiler extension upper stripes
    • 1 Spoiler center front upper stripe
    • 1 Roof stripe
    • 2 Hatch roof side molding stripes
    • 2 Spoiler extension rear lower stripes
    • 2 Back window side stripes
    • 1 Back window rear stripe
    • 1 Rear spoiler center rear lower stripe
    • 1 Rear bumper center stripe
    • 2 Rear bumper quarter stripes
    • Squeegee, instructions and striping diagram

    This kit can be purchased at a cheaper price but it comes with the striping in a roll. This kit makes it easier to apply the striping because each piece is formed for where it goes. With the roll you will have to cut and shape each piece.

    The default shaker decal for this kit is the "6.6 Liter". If you need to order a different engine designation such as "T/A 6.6", Please contact us. There is an additional $39 charge.

    ***When ordering, please send us an email letting us know the following information:

    ***Year of your car, Model, Color of Car, Engine Size, Color of Decals, and your Phone Number(for shipping purposes only).

    Please allow 7-10 days for shipping to the US, 10-14 days for shipping to Canada, 14-21 days for International Shipping.

    Please contact us if you have any ordering questions or need to purchase any decals that we don't have in our other listings.

    Let us know if you need to purchase the Pace Car Door Decals. It comes with 2 Large door decals, 1 Pontiac windshield decal & 2 NASCAR quarter panel decals. It is $195 if it is purchased without this kit. If you purchase it in addition to this kit, it is only $160.