Price: $314.95


    1979 1980 1981

    Pontiac Trans Am Firebird


    SEQUENTIAL (sweeping on/off effect)

    • Allows you to choose standard operations or fully sequential feature with a flip of a switch; located on each board.
    • Lights are designed to meet DOT & SAE specifications.
    • Installed into your original lens & housing.
    • Sequential Function: inside to outside
    • Using the most current technology in SMD LED lights
    • Number of LEDs: 132 per side
    • Sequential Function: Brake: inside to outside
      Turn Signal: inside to outside

    Kit Includes:

    • 2 LED panels
    • 1 Power wire
    • 4 Rubber Grommets
    • Pigtail Harnesses
    • Mounting Kits
    • Crimp terminals
    • Elecrtonic LED Flasher
    • 2 Reverse Light Bulbs
    • Instructions

    NOTE: An electronic LED flasher is recommended but may not be necessary (it is included in this kit). This kit will also require some light modification to your existing housings, Not the lens, to all for full LED effect and brightness through the lens.

    There is a Manufacturer's 1 year replacement warranty and a limited lifetime (repair) warranty.

    This listing is for both left & right sides and does not include the lens or housing.

    These gauges are built to order Expect 10-12 week delivery times.

    This is an estimate and not a guarantee.

    See a video of these LEDs at: of them installed in a car: