Price: $319.95


    Custom LED Tail Light Kit for

    1982-1992 Chevy Camaro 3rd Gen LED Tail Light Panels

    Dramatically enhance your tail lights with safer, brighter, and fully sequential LED light-panels that are easy to install.
    This does not include Lenses or housing.


    Sequential or Non-Sequential:

    These boards allow you to choose standard operations or our fully sequential feature with a flip of a switch, conveniently located on every board.

    Sequential Function: Brake: Starts from inner part of the light toward outside edge Turn Signal: Starts from inner part of light toward outside edge

    Number of LEDs:

    99 Red per side

    90 Amber per side

    What's in the Box:

    2 LED panels
    2 Rubber grommets
    1 Power wire
    2 Pigtail Harnesses
    2 Mounting Studs
    Clips & Spacers
    Crimp Terminals
    Mounting Template
    Two 194 Red LED Bulbs

    These gauges are built to order Expect 10-12 week delivery times.

    This is an estimate and not a guarantee.