"Lead Time 4-6 Months"
Price: $735.00
    78-81 DLX Vinyl Colors:
    • Black (100G)
    • CamelTan (688G)
    • Carmine (528G)
    • LtBlue (319G)
    • White (209G)

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    1978-81 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Deluxe Door Panels Pair NEW 5 Colors

    Front Driver's and Passenger's Side

    • Sierra Grain Vinyl
    • Carpet on bottom with map pocket
    • Metal top rail, weather stripping and a door lock ferrule

    Comes as the Door Panel wrapped in plastic. No other door panel parts are included in this listing. Arm rests/Door Pulls are available.

    **Original Metal Trim Must be Reused**

    Available colors: Black (100G), CamelTan (684G), LtBlue (319G), Carmine (528G), White (209G)

    Please Note Before Purchasing: These items are manufactured to order. No one keeps these in stock. They are being processed in the order they are received. We appreciate your understanding.