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    1978-1981 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

    Deluxe Door Panels

    • This Legendary product features as-original Die-electrically heat sealed Sierra grain vinyl and carpeted lower panel.
    • Special cut out area in filler board to accommodate armrest base.
    • Padded Multi-Level Construction 3-Dimensional Panel.
    • NOTE: Customer must refuse original decorative trim and medallions.

    Available in:

    Black: For Years 1978-1981 (100G)

    Silver: 1981 (102G)

    Oyster: 1979-1980 (200G)

    White: 1978 (209G)

    Light Blue: For Years 1978-1979 (319G)

    Dark Blue: For Years 1980-1981 (366G)

    Carmine: For Years 1978-1980 (504G)

    Red: 1981 (514G)

    Camel Tan: 1981 (671G)

    Camel Tan: For Years 1978-1980 (688G)


    Feel free to email or call with any questions: 402.465.5756

    Default color is BLACK. Let us know at time of purchase if you need a different color.

    Please Note Before Purchasing: These items are manufactured to order. No one keeps these in stock. Due to the Covid Pandemic, delays in raw materials and an unusual spike in orders, the manufacturer is currently taking approximately 22 weeks to complete orders. So plan ahead and be prepared to wait for this item. We apologize for this delay. Everyone is doing all they can to expedite these as quickly as possible. They are being processed in the order they are received. We appreciate your understanding.