Price: $399.99


    1974 1975 1976 1977 1978

    Pontiac Trans Am Firebird

    SEQUENTIAL (sweeping on/off effect)

    • Allows you to choose standard operations or fully sequential feature with a flip of a switch; located on each board.
    • Lights are designed to meet DOT & SAE specifications.
    • Installed into your original lens & housing.
    • Sequential Function: inside to outside
    • Using the most current technology in SMD LED lights

    Kit Includes:

    • 2 LED panels
    • 1 Power wire
    • Pigtail Harnesses
    • Mounting Brackets
    • Crimp terminals
    • Instructions

    NOTE: An electronic LED flasher is recommended but may not be necessary (An additional $19. Please let us know if you need one- 402-465-5756). This kit will also require some light modification to your existing housings, Not the lens, to all for full LED effect and brightness through the lens.

    There is a 1 year replacement warranty and a limited lifetime (repair) warranty.

    Reverse light bulbs are $19/each. Please contact us if you would like to purchase those. They are a 1156 bulb with 54 High Intensity White LED's angled to fully fill the reverse lens.

    View a Couple Videos at:

    This listing is for both left & right sides and does not include the lens or housing.